SEATEK have among others performed these following tasks:

Video inspection and In Water Surveys of vessels
Salvage and rescue of Wheel Loaders and deceased Kurdish in meltwater river, Northern Kurdistan at 1880 m above sea level. 
Oil Pipeline / manifold video and measuring inspection , 65 m depth Alcasires , Spain
Demolition job´s for RN Dredging, Nymølle stengrus, SubC Partner.
Cutting and recovery of sand gone 1200meter long, 600 mm pipeline Jutland 's west coast
Maintenance of 600 mm flanged pipeline replacing the 1500 bolts. LaRochelle , France.
Bottom / Propeller / Box cooler cleaning with high-pressure air caviations jetting.
Anode replacement at sheet piling and ship hulls.
Recovery and raise of small fishing vessels / trawlers
Recovery of Stones after dredging.
Inspection tasks for DMA. on Ship Wreck
Ship repairs on rudder, propeller installations, box cooling system, suction and installations.
Tank / water reservoir inspections and cleaning.
Pumping stations inspection and repairs.
Search and inspection of old ship wrecks for Captor diving and DBA.
Inspection of port facilities , video, potential measurement. Transport of spare parts and service engineers to ships in Danish waters.
Transportation of Stores and product to Anholt.
Survey tasks , sea surveying , preparation of contour and pointers plans -dept charts.
Searches for lost / missing items